From a young age, I have had a passion for creating things. Though the final product is the ultimate goal, the process involved in creating the object, the visualizing, molding, shaping, and wrestling with the material is what I truly enjoy. Clay is a particularly fascinating medium to work with as it involves transforming dirt from the earth into beautiful, functional objects with which people can connect.

I did not take a direct path into ceramics, but began working with clay after experience in other artistic disciplines. These prior experiences greatly impact my current work. One past study that strongly influences my current aesthetic choices is my training as an animator. Basic fundamentals I followed while working as an animator included clean and simple silhouettes, smooth line of action, and building interest through rhythm and contrast. These fundamentals now guide my choices while creating pottery. This influence is demonstrated in my choice to create pots with a clean and simple profile and flowing curves that are punctuated by rhythms of banding and faceting or broken up into areas of highly textured satin surfaces, contrasting the smooth glossy surfaces.

In my current work, the decorative technique I use to create the contrasting texture is called chattering. This is achieved by lightly touching the pot with the tip of my trimming tool as it spins on the wheel, causing the tool to vibrate. As I move the vibrating tool across the surface of the pot, it chips away at the clay surface and a pattern emerges. Several variables effect the look of the pattern, such as speed of the wheel, speed at which I move my tool, shape of my tool, dryness of the clay, and the shape of the pot. The result is a unique pattern for each pot.

What makes working with clay so exciting is that there is always something new to be discovered. It is a medium that is so versatile that the possibilities seem inexhaustible.